Educational Programmes

Halt runs educational programmes for children aged 10 to 14. The programmes last for one or several class hours and are run independently by Halt or in cooperation with the police and/or other coordinating organisations. Pupils address such issues as criminal behaviour, norms and values, group conduct, learning to say 'no' and of course about Halt.

The prevention of, and fight against, juvenile crime can always count on a lot of media interest and publicity. However, it is very important to get the correct information across to the juveniles, as two issues play a central part in the series of lessons: the juveniles personal responsibility when making choices and increasing the awareness of the consequences of crime. Not just for the juveniles themselves but also for the victims, their families and society in general. 

By building further on the pupils’ norms and values taught at home and at school, the interactive lessons are kept as close as possible to the pupils’ perception of their environment.

The educational programmes use a film and separate teaching methods and worksheets for primary and secondary education. 

Course Modules

The Halt office and – usually – the school opt for one of the lessons that fits in best with the issues that need to be addressed in that specific school.