A Halt programme that has been successfully completed will not be entered in the criminal records system and consequently, juveniles will have no ‘criminal record’.

When juveniles refuse to participate in or fail to complete a Halt programme and their cases are transferred to the Public Prosecutor, the general rule is that juveniles will indeed be entered into the criminal records system.

Police Records

Participation in the Halt programme as well as refusal to participate in the programme will be entered in the police records. As a rule, the police keep this data for five years.

This may cause problems for juveniles who want a job with for instance the police, the Royal Military Constabulary or a private security organisation.

VOG Certificate of Good Behaviour

Participation in the Halt programme does not influence the decision to issue a VOG certificate of good behaviour.


Halt also registers the juveniles’ personal data to ensure that the Halt programme can be implemented. Of course, Halt will comply with the applicable statutory regulations. Halt keeps data until the juvenile is 21 years of age.